How can just talking make problems disappear?

When you come to the Argyle and talk to one of our trained professionals, you will be speaking to someone who has already helped many people with problems similar to yours. Based on their experience they are able to see the patterns and challenges in your life that have led to your unhappiness. In therapy, the job is to help you recognize those patterns – so that you may now be in a position to change them.

Is therapy at the Argyle Institute expensive?

The Argyle Institutes prides itself in offering Excellence in Psychotherapy Accessible to All. Our philosophy is that no one should be denied service because of a potential inability to pay. Upon registering with us for therapy, your session/fee will be determined by your gross annual household income.

Are psychiatrists the only ones who can help?

No. A therapist does not have to be a psychiatrist. Our team of psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists have been specially trained and licensed to work effectively with people’s mental and emotional difficulties. However, only psychiatrists or doctors are qualified to prescribe medication.

Since I work all day, it would be hard to go to the Argyle Institute during regular working hours. Are appointments available at night or on weekends?

Many therapists at the Argyle offer night or weekend appointments. When you call to open your file, you will be asked what times work best for you and a therapist will be matched to you and your needs accordingly.

What if I really try, but I still can’t feel comfortable with the therapist?

There should be a “fit” between your personality and that of the therapist. Someone else – or some other method – may be more suitable for you. If you don’t feel there is a fit, tell your therapist. They will then inform the Intake Worker and your case will be reassigned to another therapist.

Does therapy for mental and emotional problems always work?

Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. It primarily depends on you and the therapist. It is important to share your concerns in a serious, sincere, and open manner. Only if you are completely honest and open can you expect to receive the best support and advice.