Board of Directors 2017-2018

At the Annual General Meeting of the Argyle Institute held on November 23, 2017, the members of the Board of Directors for the coming year were elected. Following a change to the Bylaws, the number of directors for 2017-2018 goes from 15 to 11. Two new directors, Joanne Heward and Alex Cooper were added to the Board. Leaving the Board were Jean-Luc Lacroix, Paula Merovitz, Nate Fuks, Joan Keefler, Colin Robertson, and Jason Finucan.

The other Board Members saw their terms renewed. Moira Luce as President, Mia MacSween as Vice-Pesident, Richard Bolton as Past-President, with Treasurer Howard Ellner and Secretary Fatima Mahfouz. The other directors re-elected were Ana Gonzalez, Karen Hetherington, Claude Laurendeau, and Jennifer Powe. Biographies of the directors appear on the Governance page of this website under the “About us” menu tab.


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