Have you been asking yourself what you can do to help others during this time of crisis?

If so, the Argyle is asking you for your support to help us continue to provide accessible and affordable counselling and support services to those in need.

Help us to provide those in need of the services that the Argyle can offer.

How your donations will help

Your contribution is invaluable and we thank you in advance for whatever assistance you can offer.

As a charitable non-profit organization, we also provide a receipt for income tax purposes.

Serving the community

Serving the community

Continue to offer our high standards of therapy at affordable rates that have benefited the psychological well-being of thousands.
Supporting those in need

Supporting those in need

Providing free webinars and assisted self-help resources to the community.
Excellence in training

Excellence in training

Fund our well-regarded & certified training programs so that our specialized therapists remain at the forefront of innovative and effective therapies.

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Please make your contribution payable to:
Argyle Institute
4150 Sainte-Catherine St. West, Suite #328
Westmount, Québec, Canada
H3Z 2Y5
(514) 931-5629