The Argyle Institute is a registered charitable non profit organization. As a centre for psychotherapy and education it has been serving the community for more than 38 years. During this time, we have assisted in the psychological well being of over 28,000 individuals, couples and families and trained over 650 therapists to the highest standards. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed by life or would simply like to improve the quality of relationships, we offer our services in several languages at rates tailor-made to your financial means.

History & mission of the Institute

The Argyle Institute was established in 1982 by a group of professionals dedicated to the psychological well being of the community, with the twofold purpose of offering the highest level of services in psychotherapy, and providing advanced training in psychological health to professionals in the field.

The founders were inspired by the principles of the Mental Hygiene Institute, which had been serving the population since 1919, providing services directly to people in need, working cooperatively with other agencies, offering teaching seminars to therapists, providing family life education and community services, and staffing a marriage counseling centre.

Today, the core mission of the Argyle is to continue to offer excellence in psychotherapy & training at affordable rates.

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Like our predecessors, we are here for you.

We offer a wide range of services: individual therapy, couple counselling, family therapy, counselling services for groups, training and supervision for professionals as well as community agencies, and the business world. Our programs are constantly monitored for quality assurance and evolve to meet the needs of those we serve. Our therapists & services are also accredited & certified to the highest level in the field. The Argyle is governed by a voluntary board of directors comprised of people who support our mission. We are committed to the highest standards of service and training.For more information on any of our services please contact our Intake worker at (514) 931-5629  ext. 1 or by e-mail at

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