David Paré, Ph D

David Paré, Ph.D., Couns. Psych. is the director of the Glebe Institute, registered psychologist and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, where he teaches counselling and psychotherapy. He also maintains a private practice in individual, couple, and family therapy. Dr. Paré has a long-standing interest in collaborative approaches to

Angela Cooper, PhD

  Dr. Cooper is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor involved in a unique collaboration between the Centre for Emotions and Health, and Dalhousie’s Department of Family Medicine. Dr Cooper’s interests include the assessment and treatment of patients with mind-body conditions, anxiety and/or depression using an evidence-based therapy approach known as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Howard Steiger, PhD

Working at the Douglas Institute’s Eating Disorders Program since 1986, and as the program’s Director since 1990, Howard Steiger has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge regarding causal mechanisms and clinical management of eating disorders. Steiger is an active clinician, researcher, and teacher, and has published numerous clinical, scientific and theoretical articles and chapters

Hershel Russell M.Ed., RP

Hershel Russell MEd, RP is an experienced psychotherapist, who has been counseling trans people and their families since 1995 and, more recently, also the parents of gender-diverse children. He is himself an older, white, transgender man, actively involved in program and policy development with health care providers and government decision makers and a contributor to current

Kai Cheng Thom, RSW, MSW, MScA Couple & Family Therapy

Kai Cheng Thom, RSW, MSW, MScA Couple & Family Therapy, is a psychotherapist and social worker based in Toronto.  She completed her training at McGill University’s Social Work and Couple & Family Therapy Master’s programs, where she pursued advanced clinical study in the mental health treatment of LGBT youth and their families at the McGill University