Letty Cox’s contributions to the Argyle

Below are some testimonials to Letty Cox’s contributions to the Argyle InstituteJune 28, 2018I first met Letty in the late 70’s when I was studying Counselling psychology at McGill.She was my supervisor and eventually my colleague. She was inspirational, kind, warm, generous and full of life and encouragement. She was down to earth and easy

Argyle History

The Argyle Institute History The Argyle institute of Human Relations began in 1982 with the initiative of some of the members of the oldest mental health institution in Montreal, The Mental Hygiene Institute (MHI). The MHI movement was where mental health work began in North America, and Montreal was privileged to have had one. Before

Fundraising (Letty Cox)

The Letty Cox Memorial FundIn order to pay tribute to the contributions of Letty Cox , the founder of the Argyle Institute1, to the improvement of mental health in the Montreal area, the Argyle has decided to create the “Letty Cox Memorial Fund”, whose aims and objectives will be to support the Argyle’s mission of

Fundraising (Wellness Tree)

The Wellness Tree Campaign Mental health is an invisible epidemic: one in five Canadians suffers from a mental health problem or illness every year1. And yet, only one in three of these people report that they have sought services and treatment2-3. This is in large part because these services are not financially accessible to all

Governance 2018-2019

The Board of Directors of the Argyle Institute 2018-2019The Argyle Institute of Human Relations is a not-for-profit organization, recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a Registered Charity. The Affairs of the Argyle are managed by a Board of Directors with fifteen members from both within the institute and outside. Directors are elected in late

Annual Fundraising – –

With issues of mental health and wellbeing in the forefront of many media campaigns and public awareness activities, the availability of psychotherapeutic services and counselling is essential. Statistically, mental illness is the second leading cause of disability and premature death in Canada with 1 in 4 people suffering from depression and/or anxiety at least once

Corporate Sponsorship

As you know, the psychological wellbeing of your employees is key to the good functioning of any company. The better people feel in mind and spirit, the more likely they are to be hard working, reliable employees that can also function well as a team. Yet there are limited affordable resources available for those struggling with psychological issues


Your contribution is invaluable and we thank you in advance for whatever assistance you can offer.Your donations will help us to :Continue to offer our high standards of therapy at affordable rates that has benefited the psychological wellbeing of thousands of Montrealers across a wide variety of communities;Provide Free Therapy for individuals and families living below the poverty


Overview Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Systemic Psychotherapy Social Work OverviewThe Argyle offers Counseling Internships for Students already possessing a Masters Degree in psychology or other mental health discipline or studying for a Degree of Masters of Social Work. Psychodynamic PsychotherapyThis program is offered to master’s, doctoral level students and professional orders (OPQ, OTSTCFQ, etc) equivalencies candidates who wish to

Individual Psychodynamic Training Program (IPTP)

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is founded on the premise that human problems and behavior are an expression of unconscious forces and internal conflicts. Training in psychodynamic psychotherapy requires a commitment to deepening knowledge through reading and reflection; the ability to approach complex material with an independent mind; the willingness to seek out necessary resources; and the dedication to carrying out program responsibilities