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With issues of mental health and wellbeing in the forefront of many media campaigns and public awareness activities, the availability of psychotherapeutic services and counselling is essential. Statistically, mental illness is the second leading cause of disability and premature death in Canada with 1 in 4 people suffering from depression and/or anxiety at least once

Corporate Sponsorship

As you know, the psychological wellbeing of your employees is key to the good functioning of any company. The better people feel in mind and spirit, the more likely they are to be hard working, reliable employees that can also function well as a team. Yet there are limited affordable resources available for those struggling with psychological issues


Your contribution is invaluable and we thank you in advance for whatever assistance you can offer.Your donations will help us to :Continue to offer our high standards of therapy at affordable rates that has benefited the psychological wellbeing of thousands of Montrealers across a wide variety of communities;Provide Free Therapy for individuals and families living below the poverty


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