The Argyle is currently looking for therapists with select specialties to join our clinical team

For more information, contact Lisa MacMartin at

We are looking for:

  • A marriage and family therapist
  • A neurologist with assessment skills
  • A psychiatrist
  • 2 expert therapists in men’s issues
  • A therapist with expertise with adolescence

Becoming a Member of the Argyle

Are you looking for new clients, networking opportunities and/or an elegant space to practice?

The Argyle is currently growing its membership and seeking a select number of therapists to join our community.

The Argyle Mission is to provide accessible and affordable psychotherapeutic services to those in need as well as advanced professional training to mental health practitioners in the field.

For more detailed information on membership availability and rates, or to learn more about the benefits, please contact us here. Types of Memberships include:

Clinical Memberships

Clinical Memberships

Clinical Membership is open to licensed mental health professionals who agree to uphold the Argyle Mission. Clinical members have access to office space and many other benefits - such as Discounted Continuing Education opportunities as well as our new Supervision Training and Working Opportunities.
Transitionary Member

Transitionary Member

Argyle Institute graduates or current Argyle students and interns have the opportunity to apply as clinical members, while awaiting the receipt of their Psychotherapy Permit from the OPQ.


Associate members are those who believe in the Argyle Mission and wish to be involved in the organization educationally and socially.


Affiliates are licensed mental health professionals who provide a consistent collaborative contribution to the Argyle community.
Honorary members

Honorary members

Honorary life members are specially designated to those who have made significant contributions to the Argyle Institute’s culture of philanthropy, higher-learning and the psychological well-being of those we serve.
Retired members

Retired members

Retired members are clinical and associate members who have retired from private practice and wish to continue to be involved with the educational and social activities of the Argyle Institute.

Office Space at the Argyle

One of the benefits of being a Member of the Argyle is that Clinical members can rent beautiful office space at a reasonable price.

The Argyle is conveniently located at 4150 Ste. Catherine West – between Atwater and Greene Ave.

We have starter offices which are furnished and less expensive to wonderful larger spaces with great views of the area. Furnished and Unfurnished.

The Argyle has a Library, Board rooms and shared kitchen space where you can network with like-minded colleagues.

Our partners


  • I joined the Argyle Institute many years ago because of the excellent training programs offered there for people who wanted to become therapists. Over the last thirty years, the Argyle has consistently tailored programs to include the widening and more diverse needs of the population. More recently, we have instituted an excellent programme to train supervisors, which carries our mission further by assisting and encouraging a younger generation of therapists to refine their practices. I love the Argyle!

    - Therapist & Argyle Clinical Member
  • I love the Argyle's mission of helping people have access to affordable therapy—I am proud to be a part of it!

    - Therapist & Argyle Clinical Member
  • I’ve been with the Argyle for many years. The Argyle gave me the opportunity to do community projects, like my research project on ADHD, and it also gives therapists the opportunity to become community leaders. The Argyle is like a second family to me.

    - Therapist and Argyle Clinical Member
  • Even though technically I am running a private practice, having my practice at the Argyle makes me feel like I am part of a community of therapists. I love my office and I especially appreciate the kitchen chats with colleagues between my client visits.

  • The Argyle helps me grow my practice by regularly supplying me with clients. They do all the advertising and marketing so that I can focus on what I do best…helping my clients!

    - Psychotherapist & Argyle Clinical Member

Contact Membership Services

For more information about Clinical Memberships, please contact Lisa MacMartin at

Covid19 Notice

All non-essential face-to-face courses and meetings will be held online until further notice. Thank you for understanding.