CouplesOur therapists are here to help you address your concerns as a couple, whatever your needs. You may be:

  • having difficulties with your relationship
  • contemplating forming a new relationship
  • separated and want to improve your situation
  • want to separate with dignity

Many of the challenges that may effect your couple arise from ordinary, everyday life situations – a move, changes in the workplace, illness, financial challenges, etc. This situation may be directly affecting your emotional, sexual, or physical well-being.

When you click on “Register with the Argyle” or call (514) 931 5629 ext. 1,  we will set up a convenient time to meet you as a couple, and provide a space that is welcoming and non-judgemental to both of you.

Our highly qualified therapists will help you identify the challenges you are facing as a couple and begin a dialogue geared towards improving your relationship. By doing so you will be able to take charge of your lives and achieve the goals you set for yourselves as a unified and coherent team.

We offer you excellence in counseling at affordable rates. We serve individuals from all cultures, religions, financial means, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Our intake coordinators will match you with therapists based on area of practice and availability.