As you know, the psychological wellbeing of your employees is key to the good functioning of any company. The better people feel in mind and spirit, the more likely they are to be hard working, reliable employees that can also function well as a team. Yet there are limited affordable resources available for those struggling with psychological issues in need of psychotherapy. The Argyle has been critical in helping to fill this gap since our beginnings in 1982. We have remained steadfast in our non-profit mission and continued to provide very affordable rates tailor-made to income & even free therapy to those from poorer backgrounds without ever compromising on the high standards offered by our highly qualified and accredited therapists. For this, we rely heavily on the generosity of our corporate Sponsors.

  •  Corporate sponsors play a vital role in improving the psychological wellbeing of people at the workplace as well as the community at large.
  • Corporate sponsorship is open to every organization, large or small.
  • Corporate sponsors receive public recognition as leaders affecting positive change in the community.
  • We will provide you with a clear picture of how your funds have been invested and how your contribution has positively affected the community through our services.