With issues of mental health and wellbeing in the forefront of many media campaigns and public awareness activities, the availability of psychotherapeutic services and counselling is essential. Statistically, mental illness is the second leading cause of disability and premature death in Canada with 1 in 4 people suffering from depression and/or anxiety at least once in their lives.

Statistics however bare a greater meaning when you consider their impact on your own life or the lives of those you know…

Perhaps a loved one who:

  • Fights bouts of depression or anxiety
  • Struggles with an eating disorder or gender identity
  • Grieves the loss of a family member or a relationship
  • Seeks a greater sense of self confidence and awareness

The Argyle Institute is a private, charitable organization that has delivered valuable and affordable psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples and families in the Montreal community since 1982. Our goal is that no person should be denied psychological care for lack of financial means. Last year alone almost half of the clients we served qualified for highly affordable rates that are subsidized by the Argyle Institute. In addition, the Argyle provides advanced post graduate training in mental health care to professionals in the field. This unique combination of care and training allows us to remain at the forefront of psychological services.

In spite of its importance, the mental health sector is seriously underfunded. The Argyle Institute receives no government funding and must rely heavily on charitable donations to be able to continue our valuable work. 

Help The Argyle Institute in our efforts...  Join your efforts with ours.

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