Have you been asking yourself what YOU can do to help others during this time of crisis?

Join us this December 1st to the movement dedicated to giving back: GIVING TUESDAY after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Help the Argyle do its work by providing accessible therapy to those in need during this unforeseen times!

While Québec – and the world at large – has been struggling with the greatest healthcare crisis of the century, we are now facing the greatest mental health crisis of our lifetime. There are seniors who can’t see their families, thousands of isolated students – far away from family– who are depressed and anxious about what their future holds;  individuals who are living alone with anxiety levels that are increasing by the day, dreading the thought of a long and harsh winter ahead.

Let’s not forget those who have lost their jobs, their businesses, relationships, friends and family members to the havoc wreaked of the pandemic.

All of these people need our help… your help.

Help us to provide those in need of the services that the Argyle can offer. Your donation of any amount will enable us to offer clinical psychotherapy 




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