Below are some testimonials to Letty Cox's contributions to the Argyle Institute

June 28, 2018
I first met Letty in the late 70’s when I was studying Counselling psychology at McGill.

She was my supervisor and eventually my colleague. She was inspirational, kind, warm, generous and full of life and encouragement. She was down to earth and easy to talk to and consult with. I always wanted to emulate her and thought of her as my mentor.

As colleagues I was involved with Letty at the Argyle Institute till the time she retired. Her foresight in creating an Institute for therapy at reduced rates for clients and for teaching graduate students in the field was so important. With her experience in Cuba she set up an Institute that was not linked to any government organization so therapists could be the people most appropriate to run the service. This Institute is still running after 40 years. She implemented the importance of being volunteers and that is still going on. Everyone that I know who knew Letty professionally has been inspired and touched by her.

I still see her kind, open face and her laughter. She was full of life. I think of her as “a life well lived”. I will always remember her and admire her. She leaves a special legacy.

Carmela Mindel, Westmount QC

June 26, 2018
Letty was the inspiration and driving force behind the Argyle Institute which is still flourishing decades later. As a gifted clinician she helped countless couples and families in distress. As an enthusiastic teacher and leader, she inspired generations of students and colleagues. Her legacy is intact and she is remembered with great love.

Andrea McElhone, Montreal QC
Therapist at the Argyle Institute

August 20, 2018
When I was a nurse at Concordia Health Services in the 80’s, I attended one of Letty’s case presentations at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I was very impressed with her warmth and laughter and intelligence, and the fact that we shared a Caribbean background.

I immediately thought, I want to do what she’s doing, and I want her to be my therapist!  

In 1990, I started the Counseling program at McGill, and Letty was my very first instructor; I still have my note book. My late-in-life educational dream was finally coming true. Many years later, I was fortunate enough to have a rewarding private practice at the Argyle.

I am forever indebted to Letty for her guidance. What a model she was, and what a legacy she leaves.   Thank you, Letty

Pat Hardt, Montreal, QC
Retired therapist of the Argyle Institute