Wellness Tree

Wellness Tree Courtesy of Marc Gagnon

The Wellness Tree Campaign

Mental health is an invisible epidemic: one in five Canadians suffers from a mental health problem or illness every year1. And yet, only one in three of these people report that they have sought services and treatment2-3. This is in large part because these services are not financially accessible to all in need.

This is where the Argyle can help. But, we need your help to make a bigger impact.

For the sake of our continued growth, The Argyle decided to launch an annual fundraising effort called the Wellness Tree Campaign. This initiative was inspired by the powerful symbol of the tree whose secure trunk offers stability and support, whose flexible branches are strong yet bending and whose resilient leaves are positioned to shelter and protect.

In the same spirit, the Argyle Institute has been providing affordable therapy since 1982, scaled to accommodate the varying ranges of financial and economic realities faced by Montrealers. As a charitable organization, we are only able to do so thanks to the support by donors such as yourself.

Investing your donation dollars in the Argyle Institute means that you can be involved in helping:

  • a person struggling with anxiety or loss,
  • a couple plagued with conflict and detachment,
  • an adolescent grappling with identity and insecurity,
  • a family wrought with strife

Help us grow our Wellness Tree to serve more Montrealers in need with the purchase of a leaf; green, purple, blue, bronze, silver, or gold. Each leaf will be named and displayed on unique mural (pictured above) in the Argyle Institute to recognize the contributions of donors such as yourself. To give you an idea of how this would help:

  • Green LeafFor a green leaf you would be funding the equivalent of 2 therapy sessions for an individual, couple or family.
  • Blue LeafFor a blue leaf you would be funding the equivalent of 10-25 therapy sessions for an individual, couple or family.
  • Gold LeafFor a gold leaf you would be funding the equivalent of 25 (and more) therapy sessions for 10 individuals, 10 couples or 10 families.

Leaf values

Every dollar helps to sprout a leaf and every leaf is like a helping hand to someone who cannot afford the treatment they need. So, any contribution is greatly valued. Help us branch out to more Montrealers this year by contributing to our Wellness Tree.

Progress towards our goal
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