Wellness Tree

The Wellness Tree Campaign 2020-21

Mental health problems are a daily reality for many Montrealers and their loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened their situation by imposing new challenges on them to which they must face and adapt. Indeed, many people will experience reactions of stress, anxiety, distress and depression. Some will experience sorrow and mourning. Others will be overcome by fear, panic or anger. And some will suffer from financial difficulties on top of it.

By supporting the Argyle, you can help reduce their suffering.

For over 38 years, the Argyle Institute has been providing affordable therapy, scaled to accommodate the varying ranges of financial and economic realities faced by Montrealers. As a charitable organization, we are able to do so thanks to the support of donors such as yourself.

The Wellness Tree Campaign is inspired by the powerful symbol of a strong, deeply rooted tree that reaches far to shelter and protect.  This year, the needs are great. We are pleading with you to spread the word and give what you can to help us reach our goal of $ 100,000.

Every donation is important. Each donation allows the Argyle to continue its mission. And, given the current crisis, investing your donation dollars in the Argyle is helping people to get the psychological help they need.

Help us grow our Wellness Tree to serve more people in need with the purchase of a leaf: green, orange, yellow, red, silver, or gold. Each leaf will be displayed on a mural in the Argyle Institute to recognize the contributions of donors.

Every dollar helps to sprout a leaf and every leaf is like a helping hand to someone who cannot afford the treatment they need. So, any contribution is greatly valued. Help us branch out to more Montrealers this year by contributing to our Wellness Tree.

Progress towards our goal
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