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Internship opportunities at the Argyle

Our Internship Program accommodates trainees from several universities and is recognized by the OPQ. Under the directorship of Maria- Luisa Alejos, the Argyle has significantly increased the number of interns we welcome each year. In the Winter of 2022, We will be launching the Theory Course in the Humanistic approach.

Internship programs include:

This program gives the student a solid theoretical and clinical base in the practice of long-term psychotherapy with a Psychodynamic orientation.
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Systemic Psychotherapy understands human problems and behaviour in a contextual framework and seeks to shift the current dynamics of individual, couple and family relationships.
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Interning at the Argyle was one of the best experiences of my Master’s Degree and was by far the most valuable experience for developing my skills as a clinician. As a result of this experience, I have chosen to stay on at the Argyle and continue their psychodynamic psychotherapy training program.

- Intern & Psychotherapist

Our Educators

Our internships have a total of 20 supervisors who are all qualified and accredited as such by the OPQ, as well as a total of 7 teachers. All of them are psychotherapists and specialize in the approach they teach.

  • Director of Education in Psychotherapy

    Maria Luisa Alejos Psy.D.
  • Supervision Coordinator

    Mariam El Saadani, M.Ed, Psychotherapist
  • Psychodynamic Course Coordinator

    Ana Elena Martinez M.S.W.
  • Systemic Course Coordinator

    Maya Shalmon MFT

Transitionary Membership for interns

Argyle Institute Graduates or current Argyle Students and Interns have the opportunity to apply as clinical members, while awaiting the receipt of their Psychotherapy Permit from the OPQ.

Continuing Education Programs

The Continuing Education program at the Argyle Institute offers a variety of workshops throughout the year, with reduced rates for Argyle Clinical Members. All Continuing Education workshops are accredited by various professional orders so that attendees can obtain their mandatory Continuing Education credits.

More information

For information on any of these internships, please contact Maria Luisa Alejos at or call (514) 967-3918.

Covid19 notice

All non-essential face-to-face courses and meetings will be held online until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

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