Training Program Philosophy

Systemic training that’s catered to your needs

Systemic psychotherapy understands human problems and behaviour in a contextual framework and seeks to shift the current dynamics of individual, couple, and family relationships. The program focuses on the basic concepts and techniques of systemic therapy through theoretical seminars, clinical work, and supervision.

Theoretical Formation

The theoretical formation encompasses a total of 2 semesters. The format of the didactic seminars (45 hours) is a mixture of lectures and discussions, based on recommended texts on Systemic Approaches to Psychotherapy

Clinical formation

Group and individual supervision: supervised practice provides the opportunity to develop psychodynamic techniques and understandings in vivo. Through weekly group and one-on-one case discussions with a supervisor, students will gradually learn to tackle the complex task of reconciling theoretical notions with the immediacy of the therapeutic encounter, while benefiting from the experience of experienced & accredited clinicians.

Benefits of the Systemic Internship at the Argyle

Our Internship Program accommodates trainees from several universities and is recognized by the OPQ.

  • Clinical component: 220 client contact hours from September to April.

  • Group supervision for two hours per week, 40 hours for the academic year.

  • Individual supervision for 40 to 50 hour

Continuing education & mentorships

Other training programs

Clinical Memberships

Membership is open to licensed mental health professionals who agree to uphold the Argyle mission which is to provide accessible and affordable therapy to those in need. Clinical members benefit from having access to the Argyle’s client roster, affordable downtown office space and reduced rates on the workshops/events as well as other advantages.

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education program at the Argyle Institute offers a variety of workshops throughout the year, with reduced-rates for Argyle Clinical Members. All Continuing Education workshops are accredited by various professional orders so that attendees can obtain their mandatory Continuing Education credits.

Internships at the Argyle

The Argyle offers Counseling Internships for Students already possessing a Masters Degree in psychology or other mental health discipline or studying for a Degree of Masters of Social Work.

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