Hershel Russell MEd, RP is an experienced psychotherapist, who has been counseling trans people and their families since 1995 and, more recently, also the parents of gender-diverse children. He is himself an older, white, transgender man, actively involved in program and policy development with health care providers and government decision makers and a contributor to current debates in the often controversial and rapidly changing field of trans and gender-diverse research.

He has also worked in a range of capacities with Sherbourne Health Centre and Rainbow Health Ontario from their inception and has critiqued the practices of the Gender Identity Clinics at CAMH, Toronto, for many years, both within CAMH and at a range of public venues from University of Toronto to TVO. Current activism includes work to expand Ontario-wide access to Trans* health care, work on Trans* Human Rights at the Federal level, and work towards developing the kind of affirmative services that many parents and families of gender-diverse children request.

Hershel’s lively and engaging capacity-building workshops about serving trans and gender-diverse communities have proved both popular and effective in a wide range of health, social service and educational organizations since 2003.  As a trained Adult Educator, Hershel believes that effective learning is always an active process, that respect for everyone’s dignity is key and that shared, well-timed laughter can accomplish much! Participants often comment on how easy it feels to raise difficult or awkward questions in his workshops and to discuss them with complexity.

He has figured in several recent documentaries, including




and published in a peer-reviewed journal

Wallace, R., & Russell, H. (2013). Attachment and shame in gender-nonconforming children and their families: toward a theoretical framework for evaluating clinical interventions. International Journal of Transgenderism, 14(3), 113-126