Certificate Program in Supervision of Psychotherapy

[:en]Certificate Program in Supervision of Psychotherapy


Module I Introduction to Supervision           3 Hours                          Fabienne Duhamel

Date: Saturday Oct.14, 2017 0900-1200H

This module introduces basic concepts of supervision as a professional activity. The role of the supervisor, different supervisory models and characteristics of the supervisor-supervisee relationship are presented.


  1. Differentiate the professional activity of supervision from other professional activities.
  2. Describe developmental models of supervision.
  3. Describe essential components of the supervisory process.
  4. Describe supervision as an intervention.
  5. Describe different supervision modalities
  6. Describe the evaluation component of supervision


Module II Common factors in the Supervision Process              3 Hours                       Fabienne Duhamel

Date: Saturday October 14, 1300-1600 H

This module is the second in the Program of Supervision of Psychotherapy. It follows the Introduction to Supervision Module in which basic concepts of supervision were offered. Module II further elaborates the supervisory process with emphasis on specific supervisory competencies. Diverse supervisory roles and evidence-based supervisory interventions are examined as well as the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. The concept of reflective practice is explored and methods to foster reflective practice in the work of psychotherapy supervision are discussed.


  1. Describe basic competencies related to the process of supervision in psychotherapy.
  2. Describe specific issues in the process of supervision.
  3. Describe the alliance in supervisory process.
  4. Describe supervision as an evidence-based practice.


Module III Supervision in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy       6 Hours                Steven Rosenbloom 

Dates: Saturday October 28 1300H-1600H and Saturday November 4th 0900H-1200H

Module III provides theory related to supervision in a psychodynamic modality. The basic tenets of psychodynamic psychotherapy are reviewed. Clinical supervision is presented as an extension of psychodynamic practice with parallel processes and issues. The course elaborates the required skills and competencies of a supervisor in this modality and examines different models of supervision.


  1. Describe supervision as a cornerstone of psychoanalytic psychotherapy with parallel processes and issues.
  2. Describe the skills and competencies required in supervision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
  3. Explore specific issues that may arise in supervision of psychoanalytic therapy.
  4. Describe primary features of effective psychoanalytic supervision, and the need for a competency based approach.


Module IV Supervision in Systemic Psychotherapy          6 Hours          Heather McLaughlin

Date: Saturday October 21 0900-1600 H

Overview of the Module

Module IV deals with supervision in the systemic modality and begins with a review of the tenets of this model of psychotherapy. Clinical supervisor is presented as an extension of the systemic process in which a parallel process will evolve in the supervision relationship. Supervisory skills and competencies are described.



  1. Describe the essential elements of the systemic model of psychotherapy.
  2. Identify the fundamentals of family and couple therapy.
  3. Describe the supervisory process.
  4. Apply the use of reflective practice in supervision


Module V Ethics and Deontology in Supervision         3 Hours                 Christopher MacKinnon

Date: Saturday October 28th 0900-1200

Module V offers an exploration of ethical and deontological issues that are encountered in the practice of supervision. Relevant ethical issues are presented as well as principles of deontology as they relate to clinical practice.  The issues are framed in the context of reflective practice of the supervisor.


Overall Objectives

  1. State the ethical principles pertinent to the practice of supervision in psychotherapy.
  2. Identify ethical competencies for ethical practice of supervision in psychotherapy.
  3. Describe ethical behavior as applied to psychotherapy and to ethical issues in the practice of supervision of psychotherapy.


Module VI Practicum   36 hours     (30 Hours of Supervision and 6 Hours of Supervision of Supervision)

Prerequisite: Completion of Modules I, II, II, IV and IV

Dates: Determined by Candidates, Supervisees and Supervisors


This last Module of the Program requires candidates to demonstrate application of knowledge in a supervisory process. Candidates complete a total of 30 hours of supervision of the work of two therapist who are working with two clients in different phases of therapy. Candidates also complete six hours of supervision of supervision delivered in one-on-one sessions between the Supervisor and Candidate.

Objectives of the Practicum are outlined in the Practicum Evaluation form which will be given to Candidates at the start of the Program. Candidates must obtain a grade of SATISFACTORY to successfully complete the Certificate.

A catalogue of Supervisors will be made available to Candidates. Candidates are responsible to contact one of the listed Supervisors to make arrangements for supervision. The standard fee for supervision is set at $100 per session paid directly by the Candidate to the Supervisor.[:]

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