Certificate Program of Supervision of Psychotherapy

OPQ recognition #RP02110-17 (21 CE hours)

Candidate must be psychotherapists who hold an OPQ permit for psychotherapy and have two years of experience doing psychotherapy.


This program provides the seasoned psychotherapist with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to do supervision in psychotherapy. The program has a theoretical and practicum component. At completion of the program, the candidate will have met the requirements of the OPQ Règlement sur le permis de psychothérapeute article 1, paragraph 3, which legislates that supervisors who supervise persons in pursuit of a psychotherapy permit in Quebec must have formal training in supervision.
The program conceptualizes supervision of psychotherapy as a natural extension of psychotherapy practice. The course is structured into modules, each carries its own value in educational credits with the OPQ and each presents it’s a different facet of the supervision process.


In this component:
Module I – Introduction to Supervision: Offers basic concepts of supervision and focuses on the role of supervision.
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Module II – Common factors in the Supervision Process: Emphasises the competencies of supervision, the diverse roles of the supervisor and examines the place of reflective practice.
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Module III – Supervision of psychodynamic psychotherapy
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Module IV – Supervision in the systemic psychotherapy.
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Module V – Ethics in supervision.
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Module VI – Practicum (30 Hours of Supervision and 6 Hours of Supervision of Supervision)
OPQ recognition #RP02111-17 (36 CE hours)
Prerequisite: Completion of Modules I, II, III, IV and V
Dates: Determined by Candidates, Supervisees and Supervisors
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More information please contact Donna Moffatt (514)675-0634 or by email at donna1moffatt@gmail.com

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