Solution Building in Individual and Couple’s Therapy

[:en]OPQ Accredited RA01907-16 (7 CE hours)
OTSTCFQ Ref #362 (8 CE hours)

Elliott Connie, MA, LPC

He is a psychotherapist that practices in Keller, Texas. Connie is the founder and Executive Director of The Connie Institute, an organization that conducts trainings to help clinicians to master the Solution Focused Approach in their work as well as developing training materials and conducting research. Recognized around the world speaking at national events and conferences across the United States and internationally in such places as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, England, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Holland, Canada and Asia. He trains practitioners to apply solution focused questions and techniques in their work. He has authored or co-authored 3 books including “The Art of Solution Focused Therapy“, “Solution Building in Couples Therapy” and “The Solution Focused Marriage” He was mentored by noted authors and practitioners such as Bill O’Hanlon, Chris Iveson and Linda Metcalf.

Since its inception, the Solution Focused Approach has generated considerable interest in the psychotherapeutic community. The Solution Focused Approach may intuitively appear to be simple. However, just like most skills, mastering this new way of using language in therapy proven to be a challenge. This training is designed to help professiona;s master the skills needed to ask questions that produce useful responses that lead toward client change. Since the essence of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Approach lies in the questions being asked, it is important for professionals who seeks mastery of this approach to develop the art of asking good questions.

During this event, the presenter will share key information through lectures that will include examples from his own work in private practice, video demonstrations as well as live demonstrations. There will also be lots of opportunities to practice the skills covered in the lecture through interactive and entertaining group exercises.
Attendees to this event should be able to immediately apply the content of this course on their practices. Attendees will also become more familiar with the details of this approach as well as the current research supporting the use of this approach in clinical settings.


  • List and review strategies to move the conversation toward solution talk instead of problem talk.
  • List and examine the differences between problem solving and solution building with individuals and couples.
  • Review the tenants and principles of solution building with individuals and couples in session.
  • Be able to conduct conversations with individuals and couples guided by principles of the solution focused approach.


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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