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Certificate Program of Supervision in Psychotherapy for Mental Health Professionals

March 10 - May 24

OPQ Accreditation: RA03087-19 (66 CE hours)

The Program offers 66 Credits 

Candidates may claim an additional 10 CE Credits allocated by the OPQ for independent reading 

DURATION 66 Hours Theory 30 hours and Practicum 36 Hours

DATES: Schedule spring 2020 CLICK HERE

Theory is offered on Tuesday March 10th (5:30-8:30pm) and on alternates Saturdays from March 14th to May 23rd

The practicum period is April to October 2020. Candidates are required to provide 2 Supervisees and plan Practicum in collaboration with the Supervisor.

Registration is limited.

Program Description
The Argyle Institute is offering a unique learning opportunity for mental health professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and skill in Clinical Supervision. This program, the first of its kind in Montreal, fulfills the OPQ requirements for qualifying as a Supervisor of Professionals aspiring to qualify for the psychotherapy permit.

It is best suited to Candidates with familiarity in the Psychodynamic and/or Systemic modality. Candidates will have the opportunity to expand their skills into an educational dimension. Learning is offered in the cognitive, affective and skill-set domains.

The Program has an independent learning component. Classes provide opportunity for application and synthesis of learning.  Practicum offers the opportunity to do clinical supervision under the guidance of a qualified Supervisor.

A Course Manual provides theoretical and clinical learning objectives. Candidate are guided in independent learning using the course textbook and prescribed learning activities. Practicum consists of clinical supervision of two Supervisees under the supervision of a qualified Supervisor. Clinical conferences support the Candidate through the process and provide clinical tools to structure the supervisory encounter.

The goal of the Program is to offer the Candidate an experience of what occurs in a supervisory encounter, to provide the Candidate a sound theoretical base, and to provide experiential learning both in the classroom and in clinical practice. Upon completion of the Program, the Graduate will be prepared cognitively, affectively and with the skillset for a competent supervisory practice.


Program Learning Materials

Candidates are required to purchase the following textbook:

Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision, 6th Edition (2019)
Bernard, Janine M. and Goodyear, Rodney K.
Boston: Pearson 2019
(Available form Caversham Booksellers and Amazon)

 Additional readings will be assigned and will be on reserve in the library.


Program Objectives

At completion of the program, the candidate will be able to do the following.

  1. Conceptualize Clinical Supervision as a distinct educational process within the practice of psychotherapy.
  2. Based on the appraisal of various models of supervision, begin to design a personally relevant model of supervision and clinical tools for one’s own supervision practice.
  3. Conceptualize theoretical models and basic competencies of supervision in the psycho-dynamic and systemic models of therapy.
  4. Execute a supervisory practice that is based on sound theoretical foundation and adheres to the legal-ethical standards of the Professional Order of Psychologists in Quebec.
  5. Begin to construct a personal philosophy of Clinical Supervision.
  6. Appraise the institutional context in which Supervisor occurs and the personal goodness-of-fit for one’s own supervisory practice.



Registration is limited. To be eligible, Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete and submit an application form.
  • Attest to a minimum of 4 years of clinical experience in the practice of psychotherapy
  • Attest to a minimum of 4 years of clinical work in either psychodynamic or systemic modality.

CLICK HERE – Application Form

Please forward your application to admin@argyleinstitute.org


Program cost:

Offsetting Program Cost 

Candidates have a potential earning of $1800 during Practicum.

Candidates may charge Supervisees a suggested fee of up to $60 per supervisory session.

Candidates offer Supervisees the supervision of one case. Additionally the case is overseen by a qualified Supervisor

Candidates establish a contractual agreement with a Supervisee.

The contract includes an engagement for 15 sessions of supervision with a stipulated fee per session .  The contract also include the name of the Supervisor- of- Supervision.

Candidates provide Supervisees with  income tax receipts for session fees.

Candidates must obtain their own Supervisees.

Late fees apply if Practicum extends beyond the termination date.


Tuition: $2200.00  Supervision $600 Textbook Approx. $200

Option I – Full Program: Theory and Practicum

Tuition: $2200*
Supervision $600
Textbook $200


Option II – Partial Program: Theory exclusively
Candidates must be cautioned that the partial program alone may not meet OPQ requirements for Supervision Preparation. If in doubt Candidates should check their special circumstances with the OPQ 

Tuition: $2200*
Textbook $200

*Optional payment plan for Tuition:

Option A – 1 Cheque
$2200 dated March 1st 2020

Option B – 2 Cheques
$1200 dated March 1st 2020
$1000 dated April 11th 2020

Option C – 4 Cheques
$1000 dated March 1st 2020
$600 dated April 11th 2020
$600 dated May 1st 2020

$600 payable to the supervisor as practicum progresses ($100/ session)



March 10
May 24
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