The Practice and Legal Aspects in Working with Families in Transition

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This seminar addresses the needs of psychotherapists and other mental health professionals working with parents and their children experiencing family transition such as separation divorced and re-marriage. In particular, this seminar will provide the legal and clinical aspects of family law and code of civil procedure that frame our work with these families

Each year in Quebec, there are thousands of families that are implicated in separation and divorce proceedings involving children and adolescents. The deleterious effects of marital and partnership break-up are well documented and can include financial hardships, loss of social and family support, social isolation, legal entanglements and a myriad of psychological problems that hinder normal functioning. In these difficult times, parental capacities and competence are usually diminished resulting in higher levels of signalments to Youth Protection services. In some instances, conflict between co-parents is so acute that it seriously impedes and undermines any effort by them to effectively communicate with each other and implement parenting plans or legal judgments without constantly resorting to expensive litigations before the courts.

Psychotherapists and mental health professionals working with these families in transition are often faced with practice issues that demand certain knowledge of both the law and code of procedures that are determinant of successful and effective service delivery

In working with these families during the period of transition, professionals need to be better equipped with an adequate understanding of the legal context (laws on divorce, civil code of Quebec, code of civil procedures) in which these families find themselves and the various services as available to them (counselling therapy, co-parenting coaching, family mediation, assisted parent-child access)


Dominic A. D’Abate, Ph.D.

Julie E. Kidd, lawyer

Maria Luisa Alejos, D.Ps.


  1. Cite and define those laws and regulations that effect service delivery to families, parents and their children with regards to adjustment to separation, divorce and re-marriages.
  2. Identify and become familiar with the legislation, jurisprudence and regulations that impact on family life as well as the special provisions in the Divorce Act, Civil Code of Quebec that can be of benefit to families, parents and their children.
  3. Help families, parents and children to interpret, prioritize and suggest how to make use of those services that best meet their particular needs.


9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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