Humanistic Approaches to Psychotherapy

10 January, 2023 - 13 June, 2023

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(Recognized by the OPQ for the psychotherapy permit 45 hours)

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Course description

This three-credit elective graduate level  introductory  course focuses on the history, development, and application of humanistic psychology. Students will examine the foundations of humanistic psychology, develop knowledge of how the field has evolved, and apply basic tenets of current humanistic approaches to the self, relationships, and systems within the context of psychotherapy. Students will develop basic but generalizable skills of some psychotherapy approaches inspired by humanistic psychology.  Instructors have been chosen for their expertise and knowledge in each specific psychotherapy model.

The course will begin with an overview of the key theories, assumptions, and pioneers of humanistic psychology, followed by early applications of the approach which blend into theoretical developments and current applications of humanistic approaches to psychotherapy. Please refer to the  course schedule for an overview of topics to be covered.

Course Prerequisite 

An undergraduate degree (or higher) in social work, psychology, or a related field with at least two undergraduate psychology courses; and at least 2 years of clinical practice

Students will:

  • Understand philosophical positions and broader theoretical underpinnings associated with humanistic psychology        
  • Identify several popular models of psychotherapy that employ humanistic psychology.
  • Critically analyze developments and applications of humanistic psychology in modern theories and psychotherapy approaches.
  • Apply assessment and intervention skills using a humanistic approach.
  • Examine how humanistic psychology may be influencing one’s approach to assessment and treatment in psychotherapy or intervention.

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The Argyle Institute will provide official attestation for the OPQ (for psychotherapy permit)


45 hours


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