A primer on the etiology, maintenance, assessment, and treatment of disordered gambling

with Nassim Tabri, Psychologist
| 24 September, 2022

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Saturday September 24th
Times: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Venue: Zoom (Link will be send upon registration)


Interpersonal Violence, sometiGambling is a common activity. For most people, gambling is a fun activity that does not interfere with their lives. However, for some people, their gambling may become excessive or disordered, and develop into an addiction known as Gambling Disorder (DSM-V). The field of gambling studies has advanced rapidly in the last 30 years and so the present workshop will
examine advances in theory and research on disordered gambling. The focus will be on the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of disordered gambling from a biopsychosocial perspective. The workshop will also cover the assessment, diagnosis, prevalence, and comorbid conditions of gambling disorder. Furthermore, the workshop will describe the validity and reliability of different tools used to screen and assess disordered gambling symptomatology. In addition, the workshop will review different treatment approaches for disordered gambling (e.g., 12-step, cognitive-behavioural therapy) with a focus on their effectiveness.


  1. The etiology and maintenance of disordered gambling from a biopsychosocial perspective.
  2. Screening and assessment tools for disordered gambling symptomatology
  3. The effectiveness of different treatment approaches for disordered gambling.

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Nassim Tabri, Psychologist


Dr. Tabri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University. He is also the Director of the Mental Health and Addictions Laboratory at Carleton University. Dr. Tabri has published 41 peer-reviewed theory and research papers on transdiagnostic factors (e.g., overvalued ideation, perfectionism, erroneous beliefs) that proliferate and maintain engagement in various health-compromising behaviours, including disordered eating and gambling. His research program also focuses on the antecedents and consequences of gambling and means to minimize gambling harm. Over the last 6 years, Dr. Tabri has quickly established himself as the field's expert on how conceptualizations of money and financial success influence the progression and maintenance of disordered gambling, with the development of the Financially Focused Self-Concept Scale (FFS; for a recent review, see Tabri & Wohl, 2021, Current Addiction Reports) and working on Positive Play reports for Canada and around the world.