Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Psychosis

with Jeremy M. Ridenour, PsyD
| 2 April, 2022

Registration Open

OPQ Accreditation: RA04201-22 3CE

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

Venue: Zoom (link will be send upon registration)


Despite longstanding pessimism that persons experiencing psychosis can meaningfully recover, research from long-term outcomes studies has found that recovery is possible (Leonhardt et al., 2017). While cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis has yielded some promising results, the effect sizes for these treatments has been small to medium (Knauss et al., 2018). More recently, newer therapies for psychosis have targeted higher-order social cognitive mechanisms (i.e., mentalization or metacognition) that have shown promising results. Deficits in mentalization can lead to diminished insight, impoverished social relationships, and a lack of agency that is necessary to recovery. In this talk, the presenter will offer a psychological theory of psychosis (Garrett & Turkington, 2011) and touch upon the relevance of trauma, identity, and recovery style for psychotic disorders.

The presenter will then outline a mentalization-informed therapy for psychosis, with a particular focus on the importance of the therapeutic stance, the centrality of meaning making, and the importance of grief to the recovery process. This workshop will provide new conceptual models to understand and empathize with persons experiencing psychosis and intervention tools to guide treatment delivery.


  1. To better understand the phenomenon of psychosis and provide a psychological model to formulate symptoms
  2. To provide a conceptual model of mentalization that will inform psychotherapy interventions
  3. To offer education about recovery style that can guide treatment delivery.


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Jeremy M. Ridenour, PsyD


Associate director of admissions, the director of psychological testing, and a staff psychologist at the Austen Riggs Center. He is also the chair of the Erikson Scholar Search Committee. Dr. Ridenour received his BS in psychology from the University of Texas and his doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University. Before coming to Austen Riggs, he completed his predoctoral internship at Pathways Community Health in Missouri. Dr. Ridenour completed his postdoctoral Fellowship at the Austen Riggs Center in June 2017. His research interests include the psychotherapeutic treatment of individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders with a particular focus in understanding how targeting mentalization (i.e. how people think about self and other) can be an important focus for recovery. He has written and presented on schizophrenia, paranoia, personality disorders, and psychological testing.