Le Conseil d’administration de l’Argyle 2018-2019

Lors de l’Assemblée annuelle de l’Argyle, tenue le 26 novembre 2018, les Membres ont élu les administrateurs pour l’année en cours. Les administrateurs restant en fonction comprennent Moira Luce, Mia MacSween, Richard Bolton, Fatima Mahfouz, Ana Gonzalez, Claude Laurendeau, Alexander Cooper et Joanne Heward. Les nouveaux administrateurs sont Andrée Moro et David Law. Moira Luce

Argyle Board of Directors 2017-2018

At the Annual General Meeting of the Argyle Institute held on November 24, 2017, the members of the Board of Directors for the coming year were elected. Directors from 2016-2017 remaining include Moira Luce, Richard Bolton, Mia MacSween, Fatima Mahfouz, Howard Ellner, Karen Hetherington, Ana Gonzales, Claude Laurendeau and Jennifer Powe. Newly elected Directors are

Mis à jour du site internet de l’Agyle

The coming into force of the new Québec law governing professional orders (Bill 21) has caused the Argyle to put increased emphasis on continuing education for psychotherapists. Also, the Argyle has terminated its programme on Marital and Family Therapy for trainees with a Masters degree because McGill University now offers such a programme. Internships to fulfill requirements for