Helping Pursuers to Soften in Stage 2 of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (en anglais)

Marlene Best, C. Psych certified EFT Trainer – more CLICK HERE

OPQ Accredited RA02297-17 (6 hrs)

OTSTCF  Approved: Recognition Number 1762

Couples in relationship distress typically are caught in a cycle of negative emotions that keeps them from feeling emotionally connected with each other. Emotionally pursuing partners have particular difficulty in accessing primary emotions (e.g., fear, sadness, loneliness) and attachment needs (e.g., to feel loved, accepted, cared for by and important to their partner) and to reach for their partner softly for comfort and repair. These clients pose a significant challenge to the couple therapist who often struggles to help pursuers soften their critical stances and help them articulate their primary emotions and risk expressing them to their partner from a place of vulnerability.


  1. Identify underlying primary emotions and attachment needs of anxious/pursuing partners.
  2. Apply experiential techniques and skills that help access, contain, heighten, and process primary emotions with pursuers.
  3. Use a systematic set of interventions to help pursuers complete the risk, reach, and respond that is vital to successfully shifting their interactional pattern.
  4. Incorporate “parts” work including Views of Self and Other  and, recognize and anticipate common challenges in facilitating Pursuer Softening.

This workshop is appropriate for licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, and other mental health professionals including postgraduate students, who practice or are interested in couple therapy. The focus of the workshop is on emotion processing using an attachment frame and will be of interest to therapists who practice EFT.


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