Systemic Approaches to Psychotherapy

7 septembre, 2022 - 29 mars, 2023

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(Recognized by the OPQ for the psychotherapy permit 45 hours)

Online training, Zoom link will be send by the instructor

Course description:

This course provides an introduction to systemic approaches to psychotherapy. It begins with an introduction to systemic thinking and an overview of the history of couples and family therapy. It then outlines the fundamental concepts of systems theory and presents the most pertinent systemic couples and family therapy models.

For each model, the instructor discusses with the students its theoretical underpinnings, the meaning of the couple/family symptom, goals of therapy, assessment and intervention strategies, and the role of the therapist in the therapist-client relationship. Clinical examples are provided to illustrate the link between theory and practice. Students are encouraged to apply systemic thinking to their own clinical work through case discussion and reflection.

Students will:

  • Understand the theoretical concepts that guide the systemic CFT models.
  • Be familiar with the assessment and intervention techniques for each model.
  • Be able to formulate systemic hypotheses of client dynamics according to each model’s perspective.
  • Be able to articulate the major differences and similarities between the models and provide a critical analysis of these models in comparison with other models previously learned by students.

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The Argyle Institute will provide official attestation for the OPQ (for psychotherapy permit)


45 hours


$1250.00 (Course packs are included)

Last date to register August 18th 2022

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