Mis à jour du site internet de l’Agyle

The coming into force of the new Québec law governing professional orders (Bill 21) has caused the Argyle to put increased emphasis on continuing education for psychotherapists.
Also, the Argyle has terminated its programme on Marital and Family Therapy for trainees with a Masters degree because McGill University now offers such a programme. Internships to fulfill requirements for the practice of psychotherapy for students from this and other programmes are now a major part of the Argyle’s function.
To facilitate management of courses and lectures, the functionality of the website has been improved to include online registration for educational events and for payment of registration fees. This will simplify and streamline the administration of these events and should prove popular with those wishing to attend courses.
In addition, a ‘Members Only’ area of the website was created to provide for some member services such as secure online submission of reports and downloading of administrative forms, the ultimate aim being the reduction of the use of paper.
At the same time, the whole website received a facelift to modernize the visual impact; internal elements which are no longer consistent with newer versions of the website software have been replaced. In particular this includes the use of the WordPress WPML Plugin to manage the requirement for bilingual content.
It is expected that this will continue to improve the Montreal Community’s knowledge and appreciation of the services, both therapeutic and educational, offered by the Argyle Institute.