The pandemic crisis is certainly an extreme situation that can trigger emotional reactions. Some emotions that can be considered common and normal as a result of the current crisis are stress, anxiety, fear, frustration and depression. These states can manifest themselves physically, psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally.
While strategies of self-care (see Self-care Guide of Quebec Government) and staying informed may be helpful in managing our emotional health during these difficult times, the uncertainty of this individual and collective experience may prove too overwhelming at times. Should you be feeling symptoms similar to those expressed below, perhaps you would benefit from seeking professional help.
    Physical symptoms:
  • feeling dizziness, nausea, rapid heart beat
  • significant sleep problems
  • reduced or increased appetite and possible weight loss or gain
  • extreme fatigue
    Psychological symptoms:
  • overwhelming fear and anxiety
  • feelings of panic when hearing about the virus
  • loss of pleasure or interest in activities
    Behavioral symptoms:
  • trouble carrying out daily tasks
  • obsessively monitoring COVID-19 symptoms
  • frequent crying
  • pronounced irritability/aggression
  • inability to concentrate
  • alcohol, drug, or medication abuse
In addition to its regular psychotherapy services, the Argyle is offering a number of resources that specifically address the COVID-19 crisis: - The Rescue Line Project is available to individuals who are experiencing stress and anxiety related to the COVID-19 crisis. Individuals can benefit from up to three FREE telepsychology sessions with a licensed clinician. - The current Frequently Asked Questions section is available for general questions, information and resources related to the COVID-19 crisis and pertinent mental health matters. If you have a specific question that is not listed here, feel free to contact the Argyle directly by phone at 514-931-5629 ext. 1 or by email at
In order to ensure the health and safety of Argyle clients, therapists and staff during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Argyle premises will be closed until further notice. Most therapists however are offering telepsychology services. This means that you can continue to have sessions with your therapist through videoconference or by telephone. In rare emergency cases, therapists can meet with clients in person at the Argyle. Furthermore, the Argyle administration can still be reached at 514-931-5629 ext. 1, or though the website.
Telepsychology is defined as the offer of psychological services using telecommunication technologies, including telephone, mobile devices, videoconference, email, chat, text and internet. One or more of these technologies can be used in combination with one another and/or for different purposes. For example, telephone and videoconference can be used for the provision of sessions while email and text can be used for scheduling issues.
If your therapist is not able to provide therapy at this time, they may be able to refer you to another available therapist. If this is not possible, you can contact the Argyle for a referral to a new therapist.