Through the expertise and continuous work of its dedicated psychotherapists, the Argyle Institute, a non-profit charitable organization, promotes emotional well-being through psychotherapeutic counseling services, psychodynamic therapy, post graduate clinical training and continuing education.

Job Title: Accounting Coordinator

Posted Date: February 5, 2021

Starting Date: End of March 2021

Particularity: Permanent part-time job. We are presently hiring for 3 days a week (24 hours/week) to fill present needs.

Annual Salary: salary range depending on qualification and experience

Job Description: The Argyle Institute is looking for an experienced Accounting Coordinator to undertake all aspects of financial management, including not-for-profit accounting, regulatory and financial reporting, budgets preparation, as well as development of internal control policies and procedures.



  • Work with, and liaison with, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, the Finance Committee members and the Argyle Auditor.
  • Carry out all bookkeeping, bank balances and reconciliations.
  • Follow up and keep proper records of accounts, including maintenance of the accounts payable and receivable and all financial records.
  • Track overdue receivables and ensures timely receipt of all amounts owing.
  • Engage in teamwork and communication with internal teams.
  • Establish the monthly and annual budgets for the Institute (including the Education Programs) with the collaboration of the Finance Committee members and the Program Directors.
  • Provide timely financial reports on a monthly basis, including an annual end-of-year financial report.
  • Maintain and file records for all business purposes: taxes, rent, insurance, membership, accounts receivable and payable.
  • Prepare the GST/QST annual report.
  • Prepare and/or verify the monthly DAS reports and payments, and any other documents required by both Federal and Provincial governments.
  • Preparation of the Summary 1 and RL-1 slips submitted to the Quebec government and T4 and summary submitted to the Government of Canada
  • Register employees with CNESST, prepare and provide all reports and make all payments required by CNESST.
  • Prepare all the documents and reports requested by the Auditor.
  • Prepare renters’ share for insurance coverage.
  • Support the fundraising efforts on the financial aspect, only.
  • Stay informed about government grants, apply for and complete government grant requests when applicable.
  • Maintain and update the official list of the officers of the board of directors (their names and functions) of the Argyle Institute with the “Registraire des entreprises du Québec”.
  • Keep and file all employee and contractor applications and contracts.
  • Prepare bi-weekly payroll.
  • Prepare the “Relevé d’emploi”, when needed.
  • Prepare new leases for new tenants and agreements for terminations and / or changes.


Qualifications: Applicants must have a college or university degree in administration, finance or accounting and/or at least 5 years of experience in a similar position. The Argyle Institute seeks to hire a well-organized, detailed-oriented, and responsible individual with strong interpersonal skills. Applicants must have strong bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting skills.  Applicants must have a solid understanding of accounting software (Sage50) as well as Excel.  The Argyle Institute is looking for someone who can apply their accounting knowledge to keep finances and budgets up-to-date and possess a high degree of self-motivation and initiative to look beyond the bookkeeping at policies and/or grant opportunities available to the Argyle Institute.  Applicants should possess excellent oral and written skills in both English and French.  Experience with not-for-profit organizations is an asset.

* * * *

Please send C.V. with letter to the attention of Andrée Dallaire before March 3, 2021, by email (, by fax (514-931-8754) or by regular mail (4150 St. Catherine West, Suite 328, Westmount, H3Z 2Y5).