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Why should I support the Argyle Institute’s ADHD program?!

(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD affects 1.2 million people in Canada with more and more children & families affected every year.

  • Children with ADHD lose their focus & balance. This affects the whole family. It becomes even more challenging when one or both parents are afflicted, which is quite common, as ADHD is often passed down from parent to child.
  • The Argyle Institute has identified that currently available treatment is incomplete in addressing the scope of ADHD & its impact on families. This is why we are raising funds to implement a new, more comprehensive form of treatment.

To more effectively treat ADHD, we are pioneering novel combination therapy, through a partnership between the Douglas Institute & the Argyle Institute.

  • The Douglas Institute provides more traditional treatment through medication, education about ADHD and skills development.
  • The Argyle Institute focuses on helping families better cope with ADHD, by fostering strength & stability through counseling. We believe this is the missing piece of the puzzle to complement & promote compliance with traditional treatment.

Families regain long term balance, as a result of the counseling sessions provided by The Argyle Institute targeting ADHD.

  • Thanks to your help, The Argyle Institute will implement a free 12 session pilot counseling program to help 40 families affected by ADHD in Montreal.
  • This pilot counseling program will also allow to further assess & improve our innovative approach to ADHD treatment versus existing  treatment.
WE ARE COUNTING ON YOUR SUPPORT... So that 40 Montreal families can function again together, as a healthier unit. Together, we are diminishing the burden of ADHD affecting each child & family as well as further developing our pioneering approach to ADHD treatment. reach us by phone: 514-931-5629