Life has lost its focus and feels heavy with doubt and regret. Perhaps you feel defeated by your symptoms, the difficulties in your relationships or at work. You want to be happier, more free and awake. You are wondering how to get there. In therapy, you get to explore your situation, emotions, and relationships in a profound way. Here, you can feel safe, understood and never judged. A skilled therapist ally helps you navigate safely on this fascinating journey. The goal of therapy is to grow in self-wisdom, authenticity, resilience and compassion which last a lifetime.

Since my graduation ten years ago, I been devoted to the art of psychotherapy. I completed and three-year intensive specialized program in individual psychotherapy. My psychotherapy practice is open to persons who face a variety of life situations and mental health disorders and is informed by my ongoing psychoanalytic theory research.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation on the phone to persons who are interested in therapy. Call, text or visit my website to learn more. I will handle your inquiry with care and confidentiality.