As a licensed psychologist working for over twenty years helping people understand and work through their problems, I bring insight into how disturbing thoughts and emotions can overwhelm us. Depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, apathy, low self-worth can take over sometimes and make us feel helpless and alone. You may need a professional to sit with you and listen carefully to what you are going through, how it started, and how it's affecting your life. Together, we can figure out what lies beneath the problem and what to do about it now.

If you are having trouble in your relationship, I am also a couples counsellor (AAMFT accredited.) I work with a systemic or emotionally-focussed approach to pinpoint how negative interactions began, are currently expressed, and how they feed on each other. Then, we begin the work of finding other ways to express painful feelings.

I have extensive training and years of experience helping individuals and couples, and I also work as a supervisor to beginning therapists. I combine this background with a deep sense of empathy and understanding which can illuminate your situation and help resolve your problem.