Healthy connections provide a secure base from which we can reach our full potential. Unresolved relationships are a constant burden. Challenges such as relationship distress, infidelity and divorce can be devastating but they can also be opportunities for growth and the development of a stronger sense of self. My practice focuses on individuals, couples and families who are experiencing relationship difficulties using an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy ( I am also a supervisor at the Argyle Institute of Human Relations (, a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and a Supervisor and Clinical AAMFT member and Supervisor.

Outcome studies demonstrate that Emotionally Focused Therapy is the most effective model of relationship therapy. EFT therapy helps you understand the behaviours and emotions that create distress in your relationship and recognizes that distress results from threats to basic needs for security and closeness.

Clients, I believe, can be open with me because they feel supported and validated. Rather than negative self-judgement, I encourage compassion for self. I see my role as helping you become more attuned and responsive to the wisdom that lies inside you.