Therapy is a series of conversations to help you help yourself. The goal is to help YOU really understand your own thoughts and behaviors. We will together achieve this understanding by exploring your unconscious beliefs and motivations which often originate from your past experiences - as early as childhood. We will break through walls you may have built to possibly repress painful feelings. After I have helped you find your true self, you will find you are better equipped to do the right things, enjoy life and be a happier more fulfilled person.

I am an experienced licenced psychotherapist. I am also a nurse. I work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression trauma and interpersonal issues. I also work with individuals who have chronic illnesses and/or physical symptoms not caused by medical disease. Therapy aims to accompany your self explorations and your self change.

If you are having more bad days than good,it may be time for you to think about getting some help! If you feel you are getting in your own way, avoiding something you need to do or doing something you don't want to do, then you might benefit.