I am a marital and family therapist with over 30 years experience working with individuals and couples helping them negotiate and solve problems related to marital conflict, separation, divorce, and with difficulties adjusting to mental health problems. I am a teacher and supervisor in the field, so I am familiar with a range of intervention skills to help my clients with a wide variety of difficulties. I use their strengths to foster better relationships. I have currently developed a special interest in Adult Attention Disorder; its assessment and understanding of the relationship issues it poses for the individual and family. Recent research has shown that the problems posed by the neurological difficulties of ADD persist into adulthood, and more troubling for the individual and family, may never have been identified. The individual touched by ADD may have had long standing problems with depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.

I believe in working with relationships, as the quality of our relationships determines our happiness and fulfillment in life. To further foster this belief, I served as a member of the Quebec Conseil de la Famille. In 2013 was awarded le Prix Mérite Du Conseil Interprofessionnel Du Québec.

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