I have worked in the therapeutic field for upward of 15 years. I offer (licensed) psychotherapy to adults and adolescents. My practice is based on acceptance and kindness. I hold a strong belief that there is no room for judgment. I will work with you to create a therapeutic journey that feeds your personal curiosity, builds upon the strengths you already have and teaches you new techniques for coping with stress and sadness. You will learn to identify your goals, what frustrations you face, what changes you wish to make and how to implement those changes in a safe and honest environment.

I am dedicated to providing thoughtful, compassionate, and individualized psychotherapy to help bring about personal growth and change. I am mindful that what may work in helping one person meet their goals may not work for another. I therefore use an individual, flexible and integrative approach.

I have extensive experience working with adolescents. Through years of experience and a passion for adolescents, I have come to believe that working with teenagers demands a high degree of fluidity and flexibility specific to this population. One must genuinely like teenagers, be knowledgeable/accepting while at the same time maintaining your own authenticity. Call or Email Tara Reymond for a free consultation now - (866) 397-2107 Qualifications • Years in Practice: 10+ Years • School: University of Ottawa • Year Graduated: 2005