Even though technically I am running a private practice, having my practice at the Argyle makes me feel like I am part of a community of therapists. I love my office and I especially appreciate the kitchen chats with colleagues between my client visits.

I joined the Argyle Institute many years ago because of the excellent training programs offered there for people who wanted to become therapists. Over the last thirty years, the Argyle has consistently tailored programs to include the widening and more diverse needs of the population. More recently, we have instituted an excellent programme to train supervisors, which carries our mission further by assisting and encouraging a younger generation of therapists to refine their practices. I love the Argyle!

- Therapist & Argyle Clinical Member

I’ve been with the Argyle for many years. The Argyle gave me the opportunity to do community projects, like my research project on ADHD, and it also gives therapists the opportunity to become community leaders. The Argyle is like a second family to me.

- Therapist and Argyle Clinical Member

The Argyle helps me grow my practice by regularly supplying me with clients. They do all the advertising and marketing so that I can focus on what I do best…helping my clients!

- Psychotherapist & Argyle Clinical Member

I love the Argyle's mission of helping people have access to affordable therapy—I am proud to be a part of it!

- Therapist & Argyle Clinical Member