FamiliesAs a parent you already know that balancing family life, work, leisure activities, and education is difficult. You can get the help you are looking for today by clicking “Register with the Argyle” or call (514) 931 5629 ext. 1.

Your child may be facing emotional or behavioral difficulties such as:

  • depression or anxiety
  • school phobia
  • anger issues
  • relationship problems
  • aggression or bullying

Seeking assistance early on can help your child get back on track before the problem produces long term consequences.

Adolescence can be a trying time for families. Issues we can address in therapy include:

  • depression or anxiety
  • behavioural issues
  • sexuality issues1
  • eating disorders2
  • drug or alcohol issues
  • more serious mental illness

You may seek assistance for other family issues, which could include:

  • adjustment to a new family structure – new baby or blended families
  • significant losses, including the death of a family member, miscarriage, loss of work
  • dealing with divorce or separation
  • the stress of single parenting

We are here to help your family with whatever challenges you are facing, offering excellence in counseling at affordable rates. We serve individuals from all cultures, religions, financial means, sexual orientations, and gender identities.1

1The Argyle has a dedicated PRIDE Team to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) families wishing to address any of the above described issues, as well as issues that are more specific to LGBT families. Trans here refers to transsexual, transgender, and gender non conforming.

2Members of the Argyle's Eating Disorders Team are available for clients requiring their expertise.