FamiliesThe Pride Team is made up of therapists from all levels of experience with and within LGBTQ+  communities.   All Pride Team therapists are committed to and have received training in the principles of LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy.  All Pride Team therapists have access to ongoing support and training opportunities and the ability to consult with more experienced therapists.  It is part of the Pride Team’s mandate to be open and receptive to feedback from clients and community and to use the resources of the team to incorporate it.

  • We offer individual, couple, and family therapy to LGBTQ+ communities.
  • We understand the needs of LGBTQ+ people at all life stages.
  • We support individuals in their sexual and gender identity exploration.
  • We acknowledge that homophobia and transphobia affect psychological well-being.
  • We recognize the unique challenges faced by Transpeople.  
  • We also recognize that issues our clients bring may have little to do with their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • We provide services on a sliding scale according to Argyle policy.
  • We offer services in French and English.

At present, due to circumstances beyond PRIDE Team’s immediate control, we regret that the Argyle is not currently able to offer gender neutral or wheelchair accessible washrooms.

E-mail us for more information at info@argyleinstitute.org or register with the Argyle online.

1Trans here refers to transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming